About Us

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Super Duper Team creates active, engaging, and meaningful Professional Development training sessions for adults.

We understand that adults and children do not learn the same way. We consider the needs of the adult learner first.

Why adults learn differently

  1. Adults know stuff.
  2. Adults have years of experience.
  3. Adults need to connect and personalize their learning experience.  
  4. Adults are self-directed learners (bore easily).
  5. Adults challenge new information.
  6. Adults do not take directions.
  7. Adults what to know why it applies to them? NOW!!!!
  8. Adults need to know if the learning outcomes connect with their goals and process?
  9. Adults have learning barriers.
  10. Adults do not like to fail (especially in front of peers).
  11. Adults are less tempted to experiment.  
  12. Adults need opportunities to internalize and self-reflect on the learning experience to retain the information.