WEB SITE DESIGN: OneClick Asheville

  • Company: One Click Fix Computer Repair
  • Project: Asheville website design and SEO optimization.
  • Website URL:  oneclickavl.com
  • Platform: WordPress.
  • Theme: Off-the-shelf.
  • Target Market: Asheville and surrounding area.
  • Online Market: Local search interest.
  • SEO services: Yes
  • Customization: Make WordPress Theme responsive.

One Click Fix Computer Repair is a local Asheville business. Having a WordPress website is the ideal solution for One Click Fix. With a user friendly interface – visitors are able to locate the information they need with ease.

SEO Services

Having a great website is only half the answer. For One Click Fix Asheville – it was important to improve their online presence.

In the first four months IRISHGUY Web Design Studio improved the ranking for One Click Fix on average gained 47 positions for each of the top twelve target search terms. With 7 of the 12 website keyword have gained more than 50 positions for their organic targeted keyword search.

The business name went from not ranking to obtaining the #1 position for all search variations.

  • One Click Fix Asheville.
  • OneClick Fix Asheville.
  • OneClickFix Asheville.

We look forward to our continue our relationship with One Click Fix Computer Repairs as we move all of their search terms to the one number ranking position.

Programming & Design Services

Our first objective with the One Click Fix website was to make it responsive. Ensuring that all visitors to the website, on any device would have the same ease of engagement and usability.

Most of the website look is generated by the WordPress theme. This theme required like to no customization. IRISHGUY Web Design Studio did load One Click Fix with our WordPress Plugin Package. 

While the WordPress Theme will handle most aspects of look and feel of the website. IRISHGUY Design Studio did create a series of computer service icons for the One Click Repair Asheville.