Domain Registration

Domain Registration

New Domain Research

The first step for any success website. Acquire the right domain name.

  • Does your domain need a focus keyword?
  • Is your URL user-friendly?
  • How do your online competitors impact your legal rights to a URL address?

Ensure your success by having IrishGuy Website Design do your domain research.

Yearly Cost for a Website

We have reached the time where everyone should have a website. Even if you don’t need a website – friends will tell you – you need a website. Those same friends may also tell you about how everything on the internet is free. And, how easy it is to have a website simply and sell your stuff.

Yes, there are many online success stories. And, not everyone is trying to be the next Amazon – who ran at a loss for ten years before turning any profit.

The days of Free Internet Services are GONE

The internet market has changed. From what began as an open market for conversation and exchange. Has become the promised platform of commerce. The truth is that the internet started as .com for commerce.

Recall the .com bubble? Yes, that was a business bubble. People invested in online ideas – short term ideas. A few years later the online adoption rate was slow, and the investments failed.

Fast forward a decade the commerce model is still active. The difference is the same pattern is now making money.  I build websites – so I know that sometimes I live in an internet bubble. But, every so often something happens in the real world that even shifts my point of voice

Order small applications online

During a recent visit to Home Depot to buy a small kitchen application. I was told to visit their website for small applications buy, and they are no longer carrying the small applications in their store. That tells me that the commerce of .com is here and strong.

What to Expect to Pay for your Website

Domain Name (URL)

Every website needs a domain name. The price of a domain name can vary. According to online expects buying cheap URL can be as successful as the original domain. Some people also that having an easy to recall domain is real.

Either way, both must acquire the ownership of a domain name. The domain name was recently purchased for $13 million. While this is a huge amount for a domain name. The recent trend for prime web domains has been the decline.

Domain Name $10 – 20
Prime Domain Name $130 – $200
Super Prime Domains prices are dropping to $5000 max.


There are now many considerations to think about when selecting the create the hosting package.  My first hosting recommendation is – ideal for WordPress and small business websites. For large traffic sites, hire a consultation to manage your website requirements.

  • Basic HTML Hosting $4 – $10 weekly.
  • WordPress Hosting $10 – $15 weekly.

In some cases, the WordPress hosting is the same price, if not cheaper than the HTML hosting. However, in the future, it is expected for the WordPress hosting to increase in price to show its market share of users.


Hackers are looking for websites that are not safeguarded. Protect your site from viruses, malware, and spyware with SiteLock protection.

  • 25 Pages = $18 a year
  • 100 Pages =  $48 a year
  • 500 Pages = $84 a year

All WordPress websites need SiteLock protection.

Cost of a website

SiteLock is by far one of the best online services to subscribe to. However, due to the very nature of SiteLock billing rate being determined by page volume it does mean that each page on your website now comes at a cost.

To keep the math easy, it is a good estimate that each web page could cost from $0.15 to a $1 a year to keep online. The more pages you publish, the cheaper the page rate is to host.

However, the other side of the cost is the page development cost.

Page Development Cost

Other than paying for hosting and security for your pages. The pages also need layout, 300 words of content, artwork and featured image to be considered a ranking page.

Be aware of what your website will cost.

Install WordPress

How to install a WordPress Website

There are different approaches to installing a WordPress site. From my experience, the installation is just the first consideration that you need to take if you are thinking about switching to the WordPress platform. The biggest concern I have is updating my WordPress website. Due to the nature of WordPress updates, you really can’t delay them – update is there to keep your site safe, active and out of harm’s way.

BTW – WordPress updates are often released – and each time you do an update, you should first backup all the content, themes and database. A task that can require hours of focusing on transferring the correct files in the right order. To finally install an update that could bring your WordPress installation down (the more custom the website, the bigger your problems will be). When doing WordPress updates, select a Web host provider that will give Free WordPress Updates, with a rollback period, if the upgrade installation goes wrong.

For my hosting company, I always recommend – Fast Forward Hosting provide domain registration, website hosting, email, merchant account and WordPress (for FREE). Fast Forward Hosting will email you when there is a new update available.

Responsive Web Design

The internet is a funny place. First off, the internet acts as if it has always been around. And when faced with a problem (issue). The solution is presented as if that too has always been around.

Responsive Web Site Design – by 2014 is not new, though much of the older websites are still catching up. The basic concept is that responsive design can deal with all the many different devices that may access the site information. In the past, website designers simply built for a small array of browser sizes. In 2014  the top six devices had different browser sizes. 

  1. iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 – 640 pixels
  2. iPad first and second generation – 1024 pixels
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note – 1280 pixels
  4. Microsoft Surface – 1366 pixels
  5. iPad 3 – 2048 pixels
  6. Google Nexus 7 – 2560 pixels

Sure, those numbers all look great! But, what does those different pixel sizes mean? When two different customers access your website to many a purchase.

  • Customer #1 is on the new iPhone with a screen width of 640 pixels.
  • Customer #2 is on the new Google Nexus with a 2560 pixel width.

The difference between these two screen sizes is shocking.
2560 px – 640 px =  1920 pixels difference.  The difference is this case is larger than the resolution for most computer monitors. The difference between what Customer 1 & 2 will experience when they arrive at the same content will require responsive design.

Device Reliability

People like to read – and research has documented many times how people prefer to read. On a computer screen, the ideal characters per line are 50 to 75. While on a mobile device 50 characters is the top range for how many characters to include on a line. With many the lower range of the curve being 35 characters per line on a mobile device. Again another clever use for responsive CSS is to scale the width of website content to a suitable width for each device, or device orientation.

While character density is one observation. Font leading is another cross-platform concern. Typically, the typesetter was assigned 120% main value for printed material. Web designers when given the ability to incorporate leading into their CSS code settled on 140% for leading.  For smaller screens increasing the leading can significantly aid readability.


WordPress Portfolio Gallery

The key to making a good impression is in the presentation. With the Portfolio Gallery WordPress Plugin, it is easy to add interactive slideshow galleries to your WordPress website. Unlike other WordPress gallery solutions, this slideshow feature is included at the base of every page or post.

For art openings, the artist controls the frames, the lights, every aspect to showcase their work. If you wish to impress, the presentation is key.

Portfolio Gallery Overview

The Portfolio Gallery WordPress plugin is a mobile-friendly slideshow. Portfolio Slideshow Pro includes video support, swipe gestures, audio integration and advanced Lightbox features.

  • Install the Portfolio Gallery plug-in for WordPress.
  • Once installed, go the Settings panel and create your default slideshow setting.
  • Setting > Slideshow (select your default settings)

WordPress Gallery Plugin

The Basic License for one website is $18. The renewal rate is $9 annually.

Example of Portfolio Gallery

Install the Portfolio Gallery plugin for WordPress. Once installed, go to Setting > Slideshow (select your default settings)

Having an active portfolio gallery can make a successful website. Every WordPress gallery plugins are slightly different. Each plugin developer has a slightly different perspective on how to best deliver your image library. Momnt is a small Boston-based firm that develops fun, useful WordPress plugins. Momnt may only have 17 followers on Tweeter. But, with 298,390 WordPress downloads, this is a WordPress plugin worth a review.

portfolio gallery slideshow plugin

List recent posts from another WordPress website on your WordPress website

WordPress Asheville - Service - Load live feed from another WordPress website

Do you have more than one website?

Often to keep our online message clear, we have to build more than one website.

This was the case for Beach Mountain (Farm Blog) and The Less Impact Project (Environmental Blog) websites. Both websites are informational in nature, and provide the end user with an empirical insight in the daily operations of a small organic farm, and how the same farm can operate within green guidelines.

Often the blogs on either website have over-lapping topics, making them interesting to visitors of either website. To help capture readers, IRISHGUY Web Design Studio Publications included a Live Feed from the Less Impact website to appear in the footer of the Beach Mountain home page footer. The list automatically loads the most recent blog post from another website.

Creating a Live Feed directly from another website or interest or your own website can highly increase your traffic and keyword placement.

Contact IRISHGUY Web Design & SEO Studio to have the LIVE FEED APP installed on your WordPress website.

WordPress Plug-in finds broken links

WordPress Plug-in Recommendation

IRISHGUY Web Design Studio Asheville Website Design WordPress Plug-in Recommendation to stop broken website links Managing links used to be a daunting if not impossible task – with WordPress no sweat – use the Broken Link Checker plugin tracks all of your website links and improve your SEO ranking by maintaining a user-friendly WordPress site.

Two Types of Broken Links

WordPress Websites have two common types of broken links

  1. Internal Broken Links
  2. External Broken Links

Internal Broken Links

Internal Broken Links are non-working links to pages or post within your WordPress website. Internal links are broken when pages are moved or deleted. When working with WordPress, I sometimes need to unpublish a page or post, which will create broken links.

External Broken Links

External Broken Links are much harder to keep track off – in the past people periodically tested their website by manual checking hyperlinks. Thankfully, with Broken Links WordPress Plugin you will no longer have to check links manually on your WordPress site.

Broken Links Plugin will scan your WordPress website for links that are not active. Broken Links Plugin compiles a list of the problem links. A very good time saver to discover, edit or delete broken links without having to open the page or post where the link resides.

Broken Link Plug-in can also email you when broken links are discovered. As a web designer/developer for many small WordPress websites in Asheville NC, I especially like the email notification for websites that I infrequency access – the email gives me a heads up that there is a problem, that I wouldn’t have known about without logging to the dashboard of the WordPress website.

Improved SEO results

The backbone to effective Search Engine Optimization is to create user-friendly links to supporting content. Search Engines place a significant value on your ability to create a  hyperlinked community – Search Engines use links from and to your website as a way of validating your site content.

Many Reputable Links

Your website may have brilliant information for the taking, but will go unnoticed if your website is without established and reputable URL linking to your site content. If ranking high on the search engines is an essential element to the success of your site, it would be beneficial to establish online partners that you can exchange resources by linking to each other content.

The damage of a Broken Link

Search Engines are relentless on Broken Links – not only is the broken link recorded but the page that the broken link originates from is also removed from the Search Engine index. Pages not included on the Search Engine index do not rank.

PLUG-IN: Broken Links Checker

WordPress Infographic

What is WordPress?

WordPress launched in 2003 as a community Open Source project. WordPress in now a fully functional content management system. With thousands of adaptable themes and plugins.

WordPress is the most popular website solution. Most people do not know how WordPress works. Our WordPress Infographic will help clarity.

WordPress Infographic

The working parts of WordPress Website. 

WordPress Infographic - includes the parts of WordPress. Including Theme., Plugins, Widgets, Multi-user, and Mobile.
WordPress Infographic.
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • User Accounts
  • Mobile Ready
  • SEO Friendly
  • Clean Code
  • Tag and Index
  • Easy to Use
  • Other Features

WordPress Theme

Find the right WordPress Theme.

Custom WordPress Theme: IRISHGUY Design Studio – Web Design Samples.

WordPress – How to Publish Optional Content

Make your WordPress website work for you

The Optional Content Plug-in is a super smart plug-in that will show or hide content depending on WordPress user conditions and content permissions. An excellent WordPress plug-in for advanced users to WordPress, not a recommended plug-in for new users. The plugin setup is precise. If you are new to WordPress, best to come back to an Optional Content plug-in later.

For IrishGuy Computer Training having one website to promote and interact with our clients and another to help support our business – was a wasted resource. Now, we use the Optional Content Plug-in to show essential functions when staff and admin users access the website.

WordPress Reveal Content depending on user
Deliver content to the right people

WordPress Installation

There are some different approaches to installing a WordPress website.

From my experience, the installation should be the SECOND consideration that you need to take if you are thinking about switching to the WordPress platform. The biggest and FIRST concern you should have about a WordPress website is how you plan to update the system.

Due the nature of WordPress updates, you really can’t delay doing them – update is there to keep your website safe, active and out of harm’s way.

BTW – WordPress updates are often released – and each time you do an update, you should first backup all the content, themes and database. Backing up the files for a website can take hours, if not days. Installing an update is essential, but can also bring your site down – the more custom the site, the bigger your problems will be.

When doing WordPress updates, select a hosting provider that will give Free WordPress Updates, with a rollback period, for when the update installation goes wrong.

For my hosting company, I always recommend www.fastforward.hostingFast Forward Hosting give domain registration, website hosting, email, merchant account and an installation of WordPress (for FREE).

Fast Forward Hosting will email you when there is a new WordPress update. To complete the WordPress upgrade, simply log-in to your account and follow the instructions, Fast Forward Hosting will do the back-up, and if something goes wrong, Fast Forward Hosting will also let you restore your entire website back (for up to 14 days).

Having an easy method for installing WordPress is the SECOND feature I want from my host provider. Here are the steps for installing WordPress with Fast Forward Hosting – they have made it very easy.

WordPress Installation – Step 1

WordPress Installation – Step 2

WordPress Installation – Step 3

WordPress Installation – Step 4

WordPress Installation – Step 5

WordPress Installation – Step 6

WordPress Installation – Step 7

WordPress Installation – Step 8

WordPress Installation – Step 9

WordPress Installation – Step 10

WordPress Installation – Step 11

Fast Forward Hosting will send you a confirmation email when WordPress is installed and active.

Top Three WordPress Plugins

Wordpress-ReduceSpam-Increase-RankingHow to Improve WordPress Functions

To appreciate the capabilities of WordPress you have to include a few choice plugins. Do not go overboard, only use what you need.

Here are my top three plugins to help your WordPress blog/website rank well on the Search Engines and to control Spam.

  1. All-In-One SEO
  2. Akismet
  3. Cookies for Comments

Search Engine Optimization for WordPress
SEO can help index your site for the Search Engines that can improve your ranking. All-In-One SEO plugin for WordPress helps you adhere to Search Engine guidelines. While also making it easy to control your website Meta-data (Page Titles, Page Descriptions, Keywords and more).


NOTE: Do not use more than one SEO plug-in at a time as they do not play well together.

Stopping Spam On Your WordPress website
Comments can play a significant role in providing valuable discussions to your site. Think again before turning off the comment function. The Akismet and Cookies for Comments plugin can significantly reduce spam comments.

Akismet develops Akismet plug-in. The plug-in requires an API key to creating an account at

PLUG-IN: Akismet

Cookies for Comments
Cookies for Comments has many build in features that will help to find if a comment is from a person or a machine. With tools that show cookie browsers and length of time to complete the feedback form.

PLUG-IN: Cookies for Comments

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