Earnest Keywords

KEYWORDS The Importance of being Earnest

The objective to bring people to your website is to complete a call-to-action. If the call-to-action is not met, the website objective has failed.

Smart web designers create websites that encourage users to complete the call-to-action. Using any method available to secure potential customers. Whatever the steps – the objective does not change. Have end user complete the call-to-action.

Keywords - Know the different between positive and negative keywords

Keyword optimization is one method used to attract potential customers to your website. While, some business still think keywords are a list of words. For a successful website keywords are more than words. Keywords are the search terms that potential customers use to locate your service.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are more than a list of words. Keywords create the framework for your digital content. Keywords connect your content with potential customers search terms.

Keywords help visitors and search engines understand the purpose of your content.

Are there different types of Keywords?

Yes, keywords come in two varieties.


  • Broad Keyword – one word or short phase.
  • Long-tail Keyword – precise, or specific longer word combinations or phases.

Websites do best when they rank well for long-tail keywords. While the long-tail keyword will generate less traffic than a broad keyword, the customer transfer rate are much higher.

Broad Keyword Examples

  • Service – Washer Repair.
  • Brand – Quiksilver.
  • Product – KitchenAid Food Mixer
  • Loan.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords do not have to longer – aim for preciseness rather than length.

  • Model  number for new products
  • Serial Number for replacement parts.
    • Washer Belt – search by Serial Number.
    • Product Full Name – Apple TV 32” Retina Display
    • Personal Car Loan.

Are there negative keywords?

The problem with negative keywords – is that they use up resources. The impact of negative keywords to a small business be tremendous. Unfortunately negative keywords are always the result of inexperienced SEO. An experienced SEO specialize will inform you that ranking for everything is not good. While Board keywords can generate more traffic to your website. Here are a few questions that every business should ask prior to generating website traffic:

  • Why does the site need extra traffic?
  • What resources will the extra traffic require?
  • Is the business set-up to successfully distribute the extra resources?
  • How long can the business maintain customer support?

Negative Keywords are keywords that attract incorrect website visitors. Extra traffic requires extra resources. Can your business successfully distribute extra resources? Negative keywords can kill your business. Not just your little website -but, can seriously put a small businesses out of business.


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