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Anyone who has used a personal computer in the last 20 years understands the need for online security. Just like every computer needs anti-virus software running to safeguard the computer data, every website needs security too. IRISHGUY Web Design Studio includes 24/7 anti-virus scanning with all Basic Website Installations.

24/7 anti-virus scanner

Similar, too many of the anti-virus software found on the personal computers, our anti-virus scanner package will monitor your IRISHGUY Web Design Studio website for injections within your theme that could negatively impact your visitor’s website experience. IRISHGUY Web Design Studio themes our receptacle to viruses, worms, and malware.

Security features

Some websites require the different security needs. Depending on the type of data, and the online experience you wish your visitors to have, your website may need additional features like Lockdown or Custom Login.


Everyone has forgotten his or her password for an online account and was locked out of the account. That is exactly what Lockdown will do – after a certain number of wrong attempts to access an online account, the account will Lockdown. Preventing further efforts to access the online account.

Custom Log In

Having a customURL log-in feature on your WordPress website is not only a secure implementation but also an incredibly user-friendly feature. For website contributors that need to access the Admin features of the site, they typically go to the “” URL to log in. The WordPress structure is understood and documented. Hackers rely on everyone keeping their log in URL the same. If everyone has the same wp-admin login, when WordPress hacks are created, hacks look for quick methods to distribute.

Hacks can target the “wp-admin” part of any WordPress website URL to identify possible website to penetrate effectively. A simple safeguard, change the admin login URL. Remove your site out of the general scenario – sounds logical to us!

Beyond the benefit of adding another level of connection to your WordPress website, Custom Log in is a user-friendly tool that will allow you to select your login page URL. We recommend creating an URL that will be meaningful to your admin users, making the URL easy to remember but difficult for hackers to identify.

Website Security with SiteLock

Similar to have virus software on your personal computer. Websites can now be protected from hackers with a simple website security program. Install SiteLock -Website Malware scanner. Price: Starting at $25.

SSL and Security

Install SSL Certificate to your website. Price: Starting at $25.

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