Web Design Trends

2017 Web Design Trends

Web Site TrendsIf you are waiting for 2017 to apply web design trends, you will be too late. Web Design Trends value diminishes with time.

Mobile Optimisation

Mobile users are here. Moreover, they want their content now. Mobile Optimisation is every website’s top concern. The 2017 need is to have a simple mobile-friendly site. For many businesses having two websites is the correct solution. While for others business websites building one straightforward and minimalistic design, with a real sense for negative space will be key.

What Does Mobile-Ready Mean?

Understanding your audience remains extremely relevant. Today people use less powerful devices, consoles, and tablets to access web content. With the expectation to see high-resolution content, as quickly as possible.

Key Elements to Mobile-Ready Content

  • Minimalistic Design
  • Simplicity
  • Plenty of Negative Space
  • Responsive content.

What the web user expects

More than ever people accessing your website want content. Mostly they are engaging with a large image – add a small amount of motion for stronger appeal.

  • Giant Hero Images
  • Cinemagraphs
  • SEO

Embrace SEO

Website users expect to find you. SEO is still required. With 64% of online business is driven by top ranking sites on Google – it is important. If your future customers are unable to find you, they will go elsewhere.

Essential Elements for Successful SEO 

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing
  • Link Building
  • Reporting
  • Web Site Analysis
  • Web Site Optimization
  • SEO submission
  • Client Requirements

Provide easy to find information

Informational Footer

Yes, the Footer has become a big player for web design layout. Use the website Footer for contact information, Google Map, Google Business Reviews, Facebook or Social Media Feeds, Site Maps, Quick Links to relevant info.

Yes, the Footer is the Catch All for your website. But, learn to manage the footer to ensure that the information and resources are clean and precise. The Footer is about ease of use for the end user. Make it helpful without overwhelming the end user.

Call to Action

What is the designed reaction? Every business web page should serve a purpose.

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